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CLST-106-3 Sr. Teresita Kambeitz January 26, 2011 FRIENDSHIP AS THE MOST BASIC HUMAN SACRAMENT God’s saving presence to human life is the sacrament of human love and friendship. Through friendship, a basic human experience, God is revealed to us. Sacraments are what make us human. If we did not have the sacrament of friendship, our lives would be impoverished, lonely, oppressive, and shallow. Friends bring meaning to our lives: “In our better moments we recognize that human love and friendship are a gift and a treasure without compare, that no material riches can outweigh it or compensate for it if it does not exist in our lives” (Cooke 13). The most important part of being human is reaching out to other people. Friendship is a peak experience that we all share. Friendships are significant and life-changing. Friendship is the most fundamental sacramental experience in our lives. We are enabled to experience what sacraments are through the experience of friendship. God shows His love to us through other people. In other words, knowledge of the divine can be experienced through our friendship. In our love and concern for one another, in our friendships and in the human community that results, we can gain some insight into what “God being for us” really means. These human relationships are truly insights into God, but not just in the sense that they are an analogue by which we can gain some metaphorical understanding of the divine. Rather, humans and their relationships are a “word” that is being constantly created by God. In this word God is made present to us, revealing divine self-hood through the sacramentality of our human experience of one another. (Cooke 83) God reveals himself to us through our experiences of human friendship. The love of God can be made real to us through our relationships. The human experience of love is an imperfect reflection of

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