Friends Are Waiting Essay

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Friends Are Waiting Budweiser produces many commercials through each year. None are as iconic as the ones they choose to air during the super bowl. This is when they have the highest viewer to advertise a one given moment. Some are funny, and others are heartfelt. Most of the time you do not even know it is a Budweiser commercial until the end when they present the name of the company. Budweiser, sometimes referred to as Bud, is a global brand owned by the U.S. based Anheuser-Busch Company. Budweiser is one of the best-known brands of beer in America. Budweiser has grown into one of the biggest names in our country and Budweiser advertisements is what made it into what it is today. Their advertisements and commercials have always been known for their vibe and entertainment. Millions of people look forward to seeing their ads on television or on the internet. Budweiser takes advantage of its reputation and makes ads that are well remembered. Budweiser ads try to convince the audience to drink only their product. The use of images in many of their advertisements has something that appeal to men’s emotions and make them want to buy their product. In the ads that I am describing it gives the idea that drinking Budweiser would make you feel smooth and fresh. The slogan on this Budweiser advertisement is “Friends Are Waiting”. Does it have any meaning? The advertisement is talking about the man has a dog. The dog plays with the man, goes out with the man, and sleeps with the man. The dog always accompany with the man. But the man went out with friend one day. He did not go back home that night. The dog keeps waiting for the man. When the dog feels the car pass the house or the light of the car, he will wake up and see. Do you know why? The dog can’t sleep well because the dog is waiting for the man. The man came back in the morning, he hug the dog when he open the

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