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The Beauty of Four Seasons Say about four seasons, everyone will think about spring, summer, autumn and winter. For me, when the other people say about four seasons, I will think about our four friends. We form a group named Four Seasons. Every season have itself beauty. It just likes our four friends. Just like me, I am spring. The beauty of spring is the peach blossoms, it just like the naughty me. Annie is summer. The beauty of summer is the fine weather, it just like the happy Annie. Jia Yin is autumn. Jia Yin is a joyful person like the beauty of autumn, maple leaves. Tze Ing is winter. Tze Ing is a quiet person. It just likes the snow drift. At here, let me introduce all of us. Just like I say just now, I am a playful person. You will never see me sit quietly at there. If you see me sit quietly at there, there just have two reasons. One of the reasons is I am angry with something or someone. The other reason is I am sick. Just have this two reasons can let me sit quietly. Just because of this reason, my friends always unbearable with me. I always bring them to run at anywhere. Although I am playful, I am also very serious and have bad tempered. You can see this when I am studying and when I am on duty as a prefect. Most of the students had scolded by me. When I am studying, I do not like the surrounding is noisy. So when the class is noisy during teacher is teaching, I will scold the class. Many boys in my class had scolded by me. Now, let me say about summer, Annie. Annie is a very happy person. She always thinks positive. She can face the question positively. Just say about last year end class changing. For all the students, class changing is a very cruel thing. It is also for us. When go back to school for payment, the first thing we did is go and see which class we go. Very accidently, Annie was changed. She is very sad. But when the school was

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