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FRIENDS Friends are people other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and toward whom ones feel affection or someone who render help or assistance. Friends are what everyone in life needs to have including the animals. We have different type of friends in life we have our best friends; we have fake friends. Most people get confuse with the kind of friends they keep. Some people barely know what friends are meant for. In this essay I will explain what all you need to know about the type of friend I stated above. Best friends are very special people in your life, whenever you make a plan the first person you think of is your best friend, the firs t person you go to when you need someone to talk to, call for no reason at most times or just to tell something important which cannot wait. When you are angry they try their possible best just to put a smile on your face, they give the best hugs in the world; they give you their shoulders to cry on just to show how they really care about you. A girl and another girl as best friends will do all sorts of girlish things together, and a boy and another boy as his best friend all they do together is boys stuff. As for me the best way to have a best friend is with the opposite sex is much more better than the same gender cause your thinking is in two different ways and he or she thinks at most time different from you reason the way a guy and a girl reason and find the solution to the problem. Having a best friend really helps in life cause having someone you trust in life helps to ease the pain in you feel at times. Fake friend are people who acts as your friends when they require a service from you. And many people in the world have friends like that but they don’t know that such people like that are fake they are not really. For example most intelligent people hardly have true

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