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I don’t usually like rain, even though, to some extant, it is undeniable that it may nourish the crops in the field, clean the air and present us a much more transparent world. However, I do think that I owe a big time to the rain even it doesn’t seem that welcoming to me, as the relationship between me and my friend Tony would have still been in an impasse if not for the precipitation in the summer in 2002. Tony and I were both 13 years old that year, and soccer was our favorite. As the atmosphere of the World Cup 2002 permeated all around the world, we became mania for the great event, no exception. The ball used in the game was adidas, and we saved our pocket money from snacks for nearly a month for the shining ball. I would never forget the astonished look on the seller’s face when he stretched out his hand and bought back with a handful of bills whose greatest value was 10, and unfortunate enough, there was only one of them. We swaggered our way back home and put the ball in between us, held by my right hand and his left. We talked flamboyantly to all the boys on our way, bragging that it was the ball for the FIFA, bandying it between us, and then enjoyed the exclamation made by the boys. The sky, with out any sign, changed its look, and then within 3 minutes, dark clouds came to block the sunshine and finally piled up thickly and covered the ground with the infinite gloom. “We should run dude!” I looked up at the sky and failed in finding even a tiny sliver of sunshine. ”Definitely!” Tony answered me and patted the ball between us to the ground and said to me “Hey, let’s kick it on our way back!” Just as I was about to stop him, he kicked the new ball with the greatest strength he had. The ball, roaring in its path like a bullet, hit the tree in its way, and with the sound of a “bang”, the ball was forced to change its direction and headed into a brook. Tony

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