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The novel ‘Friedrich’, by Hans Peter Richter, explores the acceptance of Jewish people in Germany and the effects the rise of Hitler had on the Jewish community between 1925 and 1942. From the late 1920’s to the early 1930’s the Jews were considered to be a part of German society with many owning stores and making a good living. Friedrich Schneider was a young Jewish boy in this time period that, at first, was considered to be fortunate in the sense that his father was well respected by the community and prosperous. “Frau Schneider crouched down. Laughing, she hugged Friedrich against her and knocked the snow off his coat. Then she took hold of his shoulders and danced around with him in the snow.” The Jews had nothing to fear at this time, but by the early 1930’s things were growing suspicious. “Grandfather looked at us. Then he said, ‘we are Christians. Bear in mind that the Jews killed our Lord.’ ... so sharply it came out like a snarl, he ordered, ‘I do not wish the boy to associate with this Jew!’ “ When the Grandfather of Friedrich’s friend comes to visit, he is warned that Jewish people are bad and is ordered to stop seeing Friedrich. Slowly but surely, the Germans begin to turn against the Jewish community. By 1940 Jews had many restrictions, such as not being allowed to go to the cinemas. At this point, Friedrich met a nice German girl, Helga, one day when he was going to collect food for his family. One Sunday, Helga and Friedrich walked through the town park, after a while of walking Helga sat down on a park bench. “‘Why don’t you sit down?’ Helga asked. But I couldn’t think of an answer, so when she said ‘sit down!’ I actually sat down. But I wasn’t comfortable. What if an acquaintance came by? I slid back and forth on the bench ... All at once Helga stood up. She took my arm and pulled me along. We hadn’t gone far when we reached a yellow bench,

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