Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment
Gwenevere Harris
October 15, 2012
Michelle Hogsed

Friedman Family Assessment
The H. family assessment was conducted with the Friedman Family Assessment. This assessment tool allows the nurse to complete the family assessment and intervene with the proper nursing diagnosis. The Friedman Family Assessment also allows the nurse to focus on “the health of individuals, families, and groups and the effect of their health status on the community as a whole” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012, p. 16). This paper will reflect on a family that consists of a grandmother, grandfather, and their grandson.
Family Demographics
The H family is an extended family consisting of grandparents raising their grandson. GH is the grandmother she is 59 and currently disable from back surgery, she has an unsteady gait and ambulate with a cane. The only other medical history she has is hypertension, which is control by medication but has constant pain from her back. She possesses a college degree and worked as a paralegal in a law firm prior to becoming disable that forced her into early retirement and currently a homemaker. KH is the grandfather he is 60-year-old, self-employed, and retired from the United States Army. He is healthy but does have elevated cholesterol level, which his doctor monitors. SH is the grandson he is 11 and currently in middle school without any health issues. He is an intelligent student with dreams of becoming an NBA basketball player after college. The H received guardianship from their son after his divorce. SH has been in the H custody from the age of three months. The H has two adult children and additional grandchildren but SH is the only one living with them.

Development Stage and Family History The grandmother is 59, and the grandfather is 60, which places them on the Erikson developmental

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