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Biography: Frida Khalo Frida Kahlo has once said, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” As her main inspiration, Frida has produced over seventy self-portraits that reflect her most dramatic works that not only followed her face and feelings but also the events in her life. Her work was a rare blend of love, loss, pain, surgery and most often her un-denying passion for her husband, the equally great Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera. What passed through Frida’s mind were some of the most originals and dramatic images of our century which she fittingly combined with her strong Mexican roots that stimulated the incentive to speak to her people. One of the most influential events in Frida's life was one of the most tragic as well, at the age of fifteen; Frida partook in a disastrous bus collision that left her almost destroyed. The accident was traumatizing and took a life-long battle to fully understand for the event made it impossible for Frida to bare children. During her time recovering in a full body cast, Frida picked up her first brush and pallet. Painting on her hospital bed passed the time but also that began her long series of images that followed her life and emotional reaction to them. With her growing passion towards painting, Frida somehow knew how to create light even at her darkest moments. At first glance of any of Kahlo’s artwork, her portraits are very real but yet dreamlike. In a sense, the way she creates her pieces of work always display what is revolving around her life whether it is her husband, her fruit, or surprisingly dealing with her many medical illnesses. It is easy to decipher her artworks from other artists of the same time because of her stern black eyes, her traditional Mexican headdress and her ever -famous one eyebrow. Even as she creates her mirror image she evokes her inner

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