Frida Kahlo's Artwork

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Frida Kahlo’s was a successful Mexican painter, and a woman with exaggerated strength, passion and there was one thing she always wanted no matter what, to become a mother. She couldn’t achieve her dream because at the age of 18 she had an accident where her hips got seriously injured. She had 3 miscarriages because her injured body couldn’t stand the weight of the baby. She painted self-portraits and began to paint after the accident because she had to be on bed for a long time. Her artwork is about her life and the experiences and obstacles she went through due to her accident, culture, fantasies and bisexuality. She painted herself with no emotion on her face because she painted the way she used to see herself on a mirror, but she always painted herself wearing Mexican clothing, colorful hair ornaments and leaves representing life. On almost all of her paints she had plants which represent life, animals as cats or monkeys which represent promiscuity and in her case, her desire to become a mother. She had an obsession with fertility and babies. So she painted herself image when she had one of their miscarriages. This was the most awful experiences she could have. Due to the fact that she couldn’t have babies she felt incomplete and less of a women. In almost all her paints she had leaves, animals and plants. She was close to 15 years younger than Diego, but she felt in love with him knowing he was a womanizer and an old man. Diego was also one of their inspirations for her artwork. He made her the happiest and most miserable women in the world. He was her partner, husband and friend but at some point of their marriage she repented because he cheated on her several times and one of these times he cheated on Frida with her own sister. Frida was bisexual and she had fantasies with women from her environment. She was also very feminine with her long hair and
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