Frida Kahlo Essay

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Frida Kahlo and a Life of Pain Frida Kahlo was a painter who illustrated her feelings. Her paintings are all diverse, but they each allow viewers to have a glimpse into her life. Based on real life events, she painted the biography of her life. Many of Frida's paintings, especially the self-portraits, capture her personal emotions and feelings about an event or crisis in her life: her physical condition, her inability to have children, her philosophy of nature and life and most of all, her turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera. Unfortunately, most of those "life events" were tragic and unpleasant events that brought much pain to her life. In the article, Neurological Deficits in the Life and Works of Frida Kahlo, Valmantas Budrys tells readers that “it is difficult to find an artist whose life and works were more deeply affected by illness than Frida Kahlo’s” (Budrys 1). Often when Frida was upset, she would paint a self-portrait to express her emotions at the time. Most of Frida's self-portraits look like just another self-portrait. However, within her paintings are clues that reveal her inner emotions and thoughts at the time the painting was executed. The facial expressions in her self-portraits are, for the most part, without emotion and don't reveal her true mood. Joanna Latimer states, “it is everything else in the painting that are the clues; the backgrounds, the colors, the theme, and the style” in her article, Unsettling bodies: Frida Kahlo’s Portraits and in/dividuality (Latimer 13). With this, viewers can see her self-portraits have a story to tell. Frida’s life has had a number of painful events that have affected her paintings. When she was a little girl, she was diagnosed with Spinal Bifida. This caused her to have a spine pain throughout her life. She also was diagnosed with Polio at age six. This led to her right leg being slightly shorter and
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