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Silva Hakopyan RESEARCH PAPER An iconic figure and arguably the most influential female painter of Mexican heritage, Frida Kahlo’s, whose life was completely transformed at a young age. Frida Kahlo’s paintings were based on her own physical and emotional struggles. Her paintings described the pain she had to suffer after the tragic accident which nearly killed her in the year , 1925. As well as the passion and turmoil that characterized her marriage to famed muralist, Diego Rivera. Through her actions and commitment to social movements such as the communist party, she expressed her radical ideals. Many see her as an ardent feminist, a woman who refused to adhere to social conventions of her era. In this paper, I will explore an aspect of Frida Kahlo’s dramatizing life and work in order to better understand who she was, and the importance she had for us as well as the world. It was after the serious accident which lead Frida Kahlo at age 18, to change her occupation in becoming a doctor. “Since I was young,” she said, “this misfortune did not at that time take on the character of a tragedy: I felt I had energies enough to do anything instead of studying to become a doctor. And without paying much attention, I began to paint”(Herrera 63). Painting was never part of Frida’s career goals, but after a few months after the accident had occurred, Frida began to take painting seriously. She wrote: “I never thought of painting until 1926, when I was in bed on account of an automobile accident. I was bored as hell in bed with a plaster cast (I had a fracture in the spine and several in other places), so I decided to do something” (Herrera 63). To fight against the boredom and pain she decided she would change her career goal to becoming a painter which, in fact , did recreate her own life. As Sharyn points out “ Her work is searingly candid, overlaid with the unreality

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