Frida Kahlo Essay

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Frida Kahlo was born in 1907. Kahlo is a Mexican painter , famous and popular internationally for her outstanding artwork. Kahlo experienced a tragic accident in 1925 in which she suffered serious injuries that left her in hospital or bedridden for months at a time. This led her to turn herself away from medicine studies. Bored with nothing to do Kahlo taught herself to paint and it occupied her whist she was bedridden after the accident. After 3 years of painting, Kahlo took her paintings to the famous Mexican muralist Diego Riviera and he encouraged her to keep painting. The two ended up marrying in 1929. She painted self portraits and claimed ‘ I paint myself because I am alone and I am the subject I know best ‘. All of her paintings were from personal experiences such as her marriage, miscarriages and her numerous operations. Out of Kahlo’s 143 paintings 55 are self portraits. Over her bed was a mirror so she could see herself and this was how she produced the self portraits. I admire the way which she paints her portraits as she never tries to beautify herself as many would, in fact she seems to make herself appear uglier. ‘They thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn’t, I never painted my dreams, I painted my reality’. The picture above is one of Kahlos paintings that I studied , the name of this painting is ‘Henry Ford Hospital’ (The flying bed). It was painted in 1932 after Kahlo suffered a miscarriage. The painting shows her lay on a hospital bed unclothed in a pool of blood surrounded by six images relating to the abortion. All of the pictures are on red cods that attach to her stomach as if to represent the umbilical cord. Kahlo was carrying a young boy, which is the reason for the foetus of a boy in the painting, she intended to call him ‘Dieguito’. The snail represents the slow miscarriage, the female torso was her was of explaining the
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