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Only my dress hangs there, because my life is in Mexico. Mexico’s greatest and most shocking painter became an international icon after her death in 1954. One of history’s grand divas was a tequila-slamming, dirty-telling smoker, bi-sexual that hobbled about her bohemian barrio in lavish indigenous dress and threw festive dinner parties for the communist elite. Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan, Mexico July 6th, 1907. She was seriously injured in a bus accident, at the age of 18, and spent over a year in bed recovering from fractures to her spine, collarbone and ribs, a severed pelvis, shoulder, and foot injuries. Frida endured many operations her lifetime, and during her convalescence she began to paint. Her paintings, mostly self-portraits, were extremely complex, and filled with the colors, and forms of Mexican folk art. Frida created many drawings and sketches related to her experiences in life, physical and emotional pain. Some people call her a surrealist although, she says that what she paints is her own reality. At a young age, she married the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. The turbulent, passionate relationship survived infidelities, the pressures of careers, divorce, remarriage, Frida’s lesbian affairs, her poor health and her sterility. Frida once said, “I suffered two grave accidents in my life…One in a bus and the other was Diego” (Kahlo 30). When Diego started to work on a mural, in the Rockefeller Center in New York, Frida came along with him, and after more than three years in America Frida wanted desperately to return to her native Mexico. Diego, however, remained fascinated by the country, his new popularity, and the industrial progress he found in Gringolandia. Out of the conflict came the painting My Dress Hangs There (Kahlo 34).This paint is very unusual, not only because it is collage style, but also in that Frida herself does not

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