Friction Experiment (Write-Up) Essay

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Aim Of Experiment: The aim of this experiment was to find out how different surfaces may require more force to move a certain object. Method: The method used to do this experiment although does not give very accurate results, is simple and effective. Four blocks each had different materials on them; the different materials were sand paper, astro turf, plain wood and red sand paper. Each block had a metal bit fixed in onto its end, a force metre used to measure force for lighter weight objects was attached to the metal bit. To make this experiment more accurate and reliable, pieces of plastocine were added to each block to get them to the same weight. Next a distance was measured out and marked using a piece of plasticine on each end. The same person was used to drag the force metre attached to the block of wood insuring their hand was inline with the block of wood and flat onto the table. The same person was used to take the reading when the block reached the end point and was recorded. The experiment was repeated 3 times for each block with different material. The Variables: The Variables for this experiment were as follows; Dependent Variable- The dependent variable for this experiment was the force required to pull the block the distance given. A force metre was used to do so. Independent variable- The independent variable for this experiment was the material on each block. The material changed for each block. Controlled Variables- The controlled variables for this experiment were the distance the block was pulled, the person pulling the block, the person taking the reading and the force metre used. Reliability and fairness: The experiment was reliable to a point, and if were to be done again would need some improvements. During the experiment we made sure we could make it as fair as we could some of the improvements we made were; -Adding

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