Fricans Americans in Post Civil War Essay

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History 1302 D. Goodrich 2/8/13 African Americans in Post-Civil War After the freeing of slaves in 1862, African-Americans after the war, things did not change that much. Laws were passed to help African-American during this time. More laws were passed against segregation in place like restaurants and other public places. Even with these laws being passed, African-Americans still experienced discrimination and racist people everywhere, and it would be a long time before things would change for them, even after being declared people with new found freedom. This rebuilding was supposed to give African-Americans a chance at a new and better life than what they had experienced in the past. Many blacks were just used to the way things were that they stayed with their owners, when other people left to seek a new life somewhere else and pursue the new possibilities. Many tried to find a piece of land to own for themselves and tried to pursue educations with very little success. While others thought that it was equally important to go out and spread the word on how African Americans were still being mistreated and that they should not stand for this any longer. Few of these men went on to do many things for African American people like trying to make it possible for them to be allowed to vote even when many things stood in their way like white supremacists and different laws and restrictions they continued to take steps in improving things for blacks, maybe one of the best advocates for African Americans was Booker T. Washington In Atlanta, Ga. On September 18, 1895 during the Exposition Booker T. Washington said that he wants to do more to improve and cement the relationships between the African-American and the white races and to start on the path of Industrial Progress. Booker also wanted not only to make peace with the white man, but with everyone

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