Freydia's Case Study

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Freydia is a 27 year old mother who has been using crack cocaine for 4 years. Her children are age 7 and 9 have been removed from her care by Child Protective Services and are currently living with her mother. Freydia comes to the drug program saying “I want to get my children back.” Her caseworker is Jane Simmons who has been with the program for seven years now. She has worked with many clients one on one and has dealt with many parents who have gotten their children taken away from them. Jane has agreed to work with Freydia to help her try and achieve her goal of getting her children back. They decided to set up a working agreement before they start meeting to make sure that everyone is on the same page and nothing comes up down the…show more content…
Jane expects Freydia to be honest with her and to stay drug free. She expects her to come to meetings twice a week and to work hard while she is attending these meetings. She also expects her to work outside of the meetings and to understand that things are not going to change overnight. In return, Freydia expects Jane to be considerate and sympathetic to her issues. She expects her to help her out to the best of her ability and always put hers’ and her children’s best interest first. She wants Jane to understand that the ultimate goal is to get her children back but she also wants her to help her achieve her smaller goals. Their meetings will be held in Jane’s office and will last an hour and a half. They will have these meetings at least twice a week unless one feels that they need to have more. When Freydia arrives she will first take a drug test so Jane can check and see if she is keeping up with her goal. This is a way for Jane to measure the progress of Freydia’s goal and to evaluate her and see if what she is doing is working or not. This is also a way to make sure that Freydia is being open and honest with Jane and is truly working hard to get her kids

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