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Freud vs. Adler By Jean Chiriac, President of AROPA Alfred Adler was one of Freud’s first disciples. He even held important positions in the psychoanalytical activity initiated by Freud and his supporters. But it is the same person who was the first great dissident from Freudian psychoanalysis, whose purely sexual sense he criticizes, inclining towards the will to power seen as a main source of neuroses. Adler is undoubtedly one of the most important dissidents to psychoanalysis. In addition, just as Jung, Adler also created his own psychoanalytical school which, in order to distinguish it from Freud’s, he called individual psychology. Since the very time of their work together as colleagues, Freud would express his disagreement with Adler. He didn’t make it publicly yet but - wishing to spare the emerging psychoanalytical movement - restricted himself to epistolary remarks, such as those addressed to Jung. Long time after his official separation from Adler and his group, Freud gave up restraint and started passing ironical remarks on his former adept in a manner that, we have Freud vs. Adler 2 to admit it, was downright irresistible. In the chapter written on clarifications and explanations of all sorts from “New Introductory Lesson to Psycho-Analysis”, 1933), Freud used to draw a parallel between the odd career of a country doctor, who diagnosed every health problem in the same way and Adler’s practice. “For, whether a man is a homosexual or a necrophilic - Freud wrote - a hysteric suffering from anxiety, an obsessional neurotic cut off from society, or a raving lunatic, the «Individual Psychologist’» of the Adlerian school will declare that the impelling motive of his condition is that he wishes to assert himself, to overcompensate for his inferiority, to remain «on top», to pass from the feminine to the masculine line.” In

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