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FRESHWATER FISHING For BASS Thesis: Freshwater fishing is the most common type of fishing in the U.S. with Bass being one the most rivaled, sought after and elusive freshwater species. However with a few tips and techniques you can be a successful Bass fisherman. I. What are the common types of Bass There are two groups of bass: Black Bass and True Bass. The black bass species is the most common found in lakes, rivers, and streams. B. There are six species of Black Bass Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Redeye, Guadalupe, and Suwannee. They all have long yellowish-greenish bodies. II. Where to Bass Fish A. Freshwater fishing can be done in many ways such as from a shore, boat, lake, pond, river or stream. B. Each type of freshwater fishing presents its own set of challenges, whether it’s still water (lakes and ponds) or moving water (rivers and streams) each environment has its own ecosystem and structure. C. Fishing in lakes and ponds is a good place to start because they are great places for fish to live. They produce abundant plant food and offer plenty of cover for fish to hide. Shoreline structures like docks, logs, stumps, brush and rocks provide shelter, shade and protection for fish. All of which means lakes and ponds are prime fishing spots. III. How to Bass Fish A. You should always fish in and around structures. B. Get to know your lake structure. Points, inlets, holes, sunken islands, dams, submerged objects (manmade or natural) and reeds and weeds are all considered structure. C. The formula to freshwater fishing is simple. Structure creates shallows which in turn shallows create plant growth and plant growth attracts bait fish in turn bait fish attract game fish, which are the fish you want to catch. Conclusion: Despite Bass being one of the most rivaled sought after freshwater species by applying these tips and techniques you

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