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#FreshmenAdvice At first, the girls are going to go for the guy that's most out there.. Then they will want the guy that know one knows. #FreshmenAdvice watch how many styles you go though #FreshmenAdvice Save those refund checks.. your friends will go buy tattoos and clothes with it. YOUR SMARTER THEN THAT #FreshmenAdvice Dont take more then 4 classes a semester. More then 4 might look good, but it will bite you in the ass #FreshmenAdvice Dont take less then 2 classes. You'll be seen as a loser. #FreshmenAdvice GIRLS: Dont let the Q's get you in a media take out picture with your legs up. #FreshmenAdvice If you WANT to be known. Take part in everything on campus. #FreshmenAdvice Save your money. No joke to that, just learn how to save #FreshmenAdvice Your going to change your major about 3x's. Dont worry. Its part of the program FreshmenAdvice Please dont buy your books from the school bookstore. You can get em 50% cheaper online or an outside store #FreshmenAdvice This is when you figure out if school is really for you #FreshmenAdvice When everyone is getting drunk. Stay sober.. see how much more play you get FreshmenAdvice Dont take 8AM classes. You will get there early at first. Then.. you wont! #FreshmenAdvice Dont let your high school teachers scare you. College is somewhat easier academically then high school. #FreshmenAdvice Guys: If your looking for a real relationship. She wont be at a party or a club. ...LIBRARY #FreshmenAdvice Girls: If You sex one popular guy.. your sexing 5. It will make sense later #FreshmenAdvice Be different. Find a lane. Once you get to be a junior you'll be that ish #FreshmenAdvice Guys: you will discover what twang is. Girls: You will wonder why guys not calling you back #FreshmenAdvice If your dating someone and there still in high school. It wont work #FreshmenAdvice Your going to find yourselves at some hole

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