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COMPOSITION I ENGL 1113, section 109 TTH 8:30 – 9:50 am, MC 402 Instructor: Paul Zintgraff Communications Services Division Associate Dean: DeAnna Cooper Office: MC-439 Division Office: MC-423 Office hours: 2:30-4:30pm MW, 12-3pm TTh Division Phone: 595-7064 Phone: 595-7078 This syllabus is a kind of contract. By staying in the course, you agree to follow the policies. If you don’t want to abide by the policies, please drop the course. ------------------------------------------------- Catalog Description ------------------------------------------------- English 1113 – Freshman Composition I ------------------------------------------------- Composition I guides…show more content…
TARDIES 15 min counts as tardy X 3 counts as absence unless donuts are brought INCLEMENT WEATHER OR EMERGENCY CANCELLATION POLICY When severe weather hits, you may assume that TCC will be open for classes unless it is announced otherwise on television and radio stations.If this happens, please refer to the ( to the Blackboard course website. Any changes related to the class will be posted on this site. TCC does not automatically close if Tulsa Public Schools close. CLASSROOM EMERGENCY SITUATIONS During an emergency, students should not leave the classroom or call for emergency services unless asked to do so by an instructor. ALARMS When a continuous fire alarm sounds, I will evacuate all students to a designated area outside the building. Students should gather as a group so I may account for all students. When an intermittent tornado alarm sounds, I will direct students toward designated rooms in the lower, inside part of the…show more content…
Check the TCC Academic Calendar for the deadline that applies to the course(s). Begin the process with a discussion with the faculty member assigned to the course. Contact the Advisement Office at any TCC campus to initiate withdrawal from a course ('W' grade) or to change from Credit to Audit. Withdrawal and/or change to an audit from a course after the drop/add period can alter the financial aid award for the current and future semesters. Students may receive an outstanding bill from TCC if the recalculation leaves a balance due to TCC. Students who stop participating in the course and fail to withdraw may receive a course grade of “F,” which may have financial aid consequences for the

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