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Since the day children are born, there is usually a standard set for them by most parents. I was no exception to this. In most Asian or Filipino families, parents are always pushing their children towards the medical field for a career. My parents were no different from them and with the pressure of most of my cousins going after the same career, it is not easy to branch off into a different career path. Especially if it it something as opposite as a career in art. Growing up with about thirty cousins or more, of course I am bound to be compared to a couple of them. From that, my parents expectations of me steadily rose up. In their eyes my cousins are my competition and if they move a step forward i need to be at their level, at least that is how it is in my parents eyes. For me i did not necessarily care about being in the race with family because all i really wanted to do was have fun and enjoy life. It was not easy to enjoy life however when you have mom and dad nit-picking at everything you do wrong. I remember when my father asked me " Why can't you be more like your cousins?" I then replied it was because I was not them, I am me. I do not quite remember the exact details of what happened afterwards, only that i was lectured for a while about not talking back to elders. At school however i felt a little bit more welcomed because yes i did get good grades, but that was not the reason the people around me decided to become friends with me. They befriended me because they liked me for who I was in friendships and creativity as opposed to being academically inclined. I will admit it though, I loved learning about literature and history. Those were and still are my favorite subjects to study. To my parents however, even though i received good grades in those subjects they knew I would not be able to achieve a good enough career in that line of education.

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