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Question 1: What are the inputs and outputs of the transformation process described in this case? All the operations are transformation processes that transform inputs into outputs. Inputs are the transformed resources and outputs are transforming resources. The output of the operation is the products and service that add value for customers. In this case, mainly the company use specialized machine to produce the harvest of millions of Iceberg lettuce every year. The company picking team has 17 people, supervisor, nine cutters, five packers, and three people to prepare card board trays, label the individual supermarket lettuce and carry completed trays and create to the trailers. The input for the company is the staff, expertise and specialized facilities who work to produce and transform Iceberg lettuce to the supermarket for the consumers. The cutting process, packing, sealing, and labeling process all the parts that contribute to the transformation process. The output for the transformation process is quality contain, properly sealed lettuce which is available for the consumers in the supermarket. Main operation objectives for the macro-operation Question 2: What are the main operations objectives for the macro-operation? The main operations objectives for the marco-operation is providing enough fresh produce to the market for everyday of a year and the main market is the UK supermarkets, and the second main market is wholesale and the rest of the product is for sandwich industry. The cutters work on the ground in the front of the rig, which slowly moves toward them. The pickers pick the cutting lettuce and then cut them with the sharp knife and remove the outer leaves and then put the prepared lettuce in to the polythene bag attached to the cutter’s waist belt. The cutters choose the under –size, poor shape or damaged product and throw them further

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