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French Revolution - Philosophers Essay

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  • on May 11, 2011
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Outline the Ideas and Impact of the Main Philosophers. How important were they in Starting the French Revolution?
The French Revolution was a result of many factors, one being the combination of philosophy and social theories.   The period before the French Revolution was called ‘The Enlightenment’ which was a period where new ideas were spread throughout France often criticising absolute government and the injustices of society. The philosophy of the Enlightenment was supposed to open the eyes of the world’s poor and free them from unjust rule. Combinations of philosopher’s ideas were widely recognised and many people agreed with the main concepts of the philosophers therefore making these individuals philosophers factors in the start of the French Revolution. These philosophers include; the Physiocrats, Montesqueil, Voltaire, Rousseau who all disagreed with different parts of the system in which France was ruled by and in whom all came up with theories in which to change it. However Rousseau’s ideas were particularly revolutionary as they were interoperated by French Revolutionists and used to justify dictatorship and the ‘Terror’ and his way of thinking was uniquely fitted to dignify and define the events of the French Rev. Whereas the other philosophers generally contributed to the ‘revolutionary spirit’ by criticizing things they didn’t agree with and putting the idea in poorer peoples mind that they could have a fairer life
Enlightened thinkers believed that through reason humanity could advance into a new and better world. One of the more famous of these ‘enlightened thinkers’ was a French man called Voltaire. Voltaire often used humour and ridicule to criticize those he didn’t agree with such as the church whom he believed were corrupt and stifled the freedom of thought. He also attacked intolerance, privilege and abuses of law and, although he was famous in France, a lot of his work was often censored at the time. He believed if a ruler was wise and fair...

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