French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution was a time for expansion in human freedom. It was a way for the French to re-invent their government to give some sort of equality for their people. There were many successes the French Revolution made, such as creating public schools for children and making it mandatory for them to attend. The French Revolution had the intentions to create a better government and lifestyle for their people, such as Jacobins who believed in the poor having their turn to rule. Though, others opposed the ideas of the revolution. Those people did not go unpunished by their beliefs. This was known as the Reign of Terror, which was not completely necessary for their society. The French Revolution was held in order to stop the oppression of the third estate. The third estate was made up of almost more than half of the French society. It was being over powered by the first and second estate, which consisted of the rich upper class. During the revolution many successes were made in order to expand human freedom. Many of these successes were made to help benefit the lower class. One very important success was the abolishment of slavery. Many of the people in France believed that it was immoral to continue to have slaves in their country. Just like the poor, slaves suffered oppression. They believed it was only fair that blacks be given the same freedom. "Since 1789 the aristocracy of birth and the aristocracy of religion have been destroyed; but we have not destroyed the aristocracy of the skin, and it still remains. (The French Revolution Abolishes Slavery: Meeting of the National Convention)" This showed how the people of France believed all should be equal and have the natural born right regardless of color and race. Another success was the creation of Public Education funded by the government. This was made mandatory for children under the age of 12. "Part I: All

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