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French Revolution Essay

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  • on March 30, 2011
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The French Revolution that took place roughly between the years of 1789-1799 was said to have been the most important event in Western History. It was a time when people believed they could recreate society and discovery was at large. A time when the people of France were in desperate need of economic and political stability and would do whatever it took to revolutionize. It is important to understand that such a revolution probably would not have occurred if France had not been in a financial crisis across the eighteenth century. In 1763 France was defeated in the seven years war battling over territory with great Britain in North America. The country's loss left France in huge debt with the added problem of having to rebuild their Navy things weren't looking too good. Years of mismanagement left the people of France poor and hungry from lack of government intervention to stabilize the economy. King Louie XV saw his only way out of doubt would be to tax the people, but in order to do so he would need the support of the aristocracy which would not be an easy task. The magistrates resisted taxation claiming that the king was attacking the liberty of his subjects to those exempt by virtue of their elite status. Just as king Louis XV had said "After me comes the flood" ,the debt that he left his successor King Louis XVI was no easy task to deal with. Upon dying of smallpox on May 10,1774 LouisXV's crown was passed down to his 20 year old son Louis XVI. The newly throned king at age twenty was not ready to lead the British Empire and he himself knew it.

Only a year after young Louis XVI took the throne he did something to put his own country in even more debt than it already was in. He wanted revenge from the defeat against the british his great grandfather endured in the seven years war. When the Americans were fighting the British for their Independence the king saw an opportunity to get back at Britain by aiding the Americans in their war of Independence. Not...

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