French Revolution Essay

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French Revolution In 1789 the common people rose up against the unfair economic situation put upon them by the French Aristocracy. The monarchy spent such great amounts of money it put the country plunging into a large amount of debt. King Louis XVI and his predecessors left the country in poor conditions such as droughts, disease with cattle and massive price increases in goods. The monarchy sought to recover the debt by taxing the common people till they eventually reached the point of starvation and poverty while the King continued to spend money at his own dispense. At the time the United States was hoping to use their alliance with France to gain an advantage over the British, but did not want to lose their much needed trade with the British. At the beginning of the revolution, the Americans were enthusiastic and hoped that the revolution would strengthen their alliance with the French against the British. It was the violent nature of the conflict that divided the United States’ views. The changes in France caused the already present political divisions in the United States to grow. Because Jefferson believed the French had supported the United States during their revolution against the British, the pro-French Republicans lead by Thomas Jefferson should in return support the ideals of the French Revolution. He sought to alley the United States with the French against the British. The Federalist Party was skeptical of the revolution and did not agree with its ideals. Lead by Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists were disgusted by the bloodiness of the revolution. They wanted to continue trade with the British and did not want to break their ties with them. The United States was reluctant to not have any part of the French Revolution because it led to a series of European wars and was an economic disaster. Both political sides, the Republicans and the

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