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The French revolution Made by: Menna Sherif Class: 11 A Date: 31-3-2012 The French Revolution The French revolution was a turning point in the history of France. It started in 1789 because the peasants were unhappy with higher taxes. The poor people faced a lot of problems in living. They worked all day but at the end they have low wages so they couldn’t face the taxes the French people forced them to pay. They had to pay rents for the lands they worked on. They had to pay tithe of their total income which meant that tenth of their total income was wasted as taxes. As the economy started to fall, the nobles and the French people started to increase the taxes to gain more money. On the other side the prices were getting expensive than before that they couldn’t afford to even buy food for their children. They demanded that the nobles should pay as much taxes as they paid. So they wanted equality and they blamed the king for all the taxes. In the old regime under King Louis XV, the society was divided into three classes. The first two were the privileged estates that represented about 3 percent only of France population and the third represented the remaining 97 percent. The first estate was made up of the clergies of the Roman Catholic Church. The second estate was the nobles who had their control over the military and the government. The two estates were released from paying taxes while the third estate was made of, firstly the middle class whom they were called the bourgeoisie which were composed of artists, workers and below them there were the poor people that all of those estates forced them to pay taxes. King Louis took a lot of money from the bankers which made the economy fall, at the end the bankers refused to lend King Louis money. King Louis thought that forcing the first two estates to pay taxes could get him money replacing the money of that

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