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French Rev Essay

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  • on March 17, 2009
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“WHY MUST RIGHTS be set forth in a declaration? Why do countries and citizens feel the need for such a formal statement? The campaigns to abolish torture and cruel punishment point to one answer: a formal, public statement confirms the changes in the underlying attitudes that have taken place”.   This essay will look at the events which led up to the French Revolution, famous writers of the Enlightenment period, such as Rousseau and Condorcet, the invention of the printing press. All of these played a part in the downfall of the King. The build up to the French revolution did not happen over night rather it was a culmination of a number of different events that had built over years. The French Enlightenment writers put a lot of emphasis on natural law or natural right, this is defined in L`Encyclopedie as “what was naturally right for all humans, regardless of country or time period”.   Rousseau author of The Social Contract   felt that the laws of France interfered with people basic human rights. The writers of this time attacked the way France was run under the Old Regime.   They put forward ideas of advancement, academic freedom and liberty.   Article 1 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen acknowledged those rights by declaring that all men are born free and equal. Article 11 gives freedom of speech, writing and publications. Article 17 protects a person’s right to property. Article three claims all power belongs to the people of the Nation and not to one person. Also to be discussed, what citizens are included and which are excluded in the Declaration?
The Enlightenment period brought many new inventions such as printing machines and as a result paper and books were easier and cheaper to print, they were also available to more people. As a result of this newspaper went from four papers within Paris in 1788 to one hundred and eighty by the end of 1789,   the financial crisis was caused in part by France’s support of America against Britain during...

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