French Presence In Huronia

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Name Andleeb Waizi Course Code Hist200 Student #1110348 Date Feb/25/2012 Bruce G. Trigger, “The French Presence in Huronia: The Structure of Franco-Huron Relations in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century.”Canadian Historical Review 49, no. 2 (June 1968): 107-141. Thesis: This article on “The French presence in Huronia.” Argues that the historical studies in the early seventeenth century expose the Huron as significant native people; they played a main role in the establishment of New France. Colonization, trade and missionaries adapted to key customers into French culture and applied the Huron’s political and economical network relationship. Main Points The Hurons were very important to the early French settlers. They were not only a great source of fur trade to French, but also French missionaries lived with them and expanded their religious practices to convert the First Nations people to Christianity. They fought alongside the French to protect themselves and French against Iroquois. For economic incentive and settlement, French didn’t bother to learned native people’s culture. The European colonizers were not happy with the Indians’ customs but could not avoid liking their sagacity in economic and political issues The Huron assumed a dominant position in these trading relationships and the Jesuits record that when the Algonquians had dealings with them, they did so in the Huron language since the latter did not bother to learn Algonkia-1As trade with the French increased, the Huron began to appreciate French goods and to want more of them. Metal awls and needles were superior to native bone ones, and iron arrowheads cot fid penetrate the traditional shields and body armor of their enemie.2. The Hurons expand their trading network in order to secure furs in large quantities. In the summer of 1649, a party of over thirty coureurs de bols
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