French Persuasive Letter

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Jennifer Cuevas Dear Fellow Frenchmen: I am writing to you to come and join your fellow French men fight against our government. Financial times are becoming hard for us. Many of us are upset that the nobles are living lavish lives collecting taxes, as we suffer. The prices on food are rising and many of us are starving. We pay the most taxes and suffer the most. We are paying for Frances deficit spending and something needs to be done. (Blaufarb) (Lefebvre). "Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!" (Lefebvre). I have contacted many of our fellow citizens and we have decided to fight back. We will work in conjunction with a group who has decided that they are going to call themselves the National Assembly. As part of third estate they are trying to come up with a constitution so that individual rights would be respected (Lefebvre). They met at a tennis court and made an oath not to disband until they have come up with a constitution (Britannica) (Blaufarb). This would give us many opportunities. If we were to establish a…show more content…
The money that they get from these sales can then be used to help pay some of our huge debt. (Blaufarb)Based on the information you can see by us standing up to the King and the other estates we can better our future and try to fix what was once destroyed. Sincerely, A Fellow Frenchman Bibliography Blaufarb, Rafe. "French Revolution." World Book Student.World Book,2011.Web.4 May 2011. "French Revolution.". World Book Student.World Book,2011. Britannica, French Revolution." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 05 May 2011 <. <>. >. Lefebvre, Georges. “ The Coming of the French Revolution 1789”. New York: Random House,
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