French Indian War Essay

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Danielle Alvarez French Indian War HPS 11053 Professor Foulke 7/6/12 Alvarez 1 Throughout history there have been many costly wars all over the world. America has endured costly wars as well. The Civil War, The Revolution, and the French Indian war were all fought on American soil. Two international super powers would spark the First World War over land in the Ohio Valley. The French, The English, and the Native Americans all wanted to claim the land in the Ohio Valley as their own. The Native Americans had been dealing with Europeans for many years, and would play a pivotal role in the French- Indian War. The French Indian War would change America, especially for the Native American society. Beginning in 1689, there were hostilities between the French and British colonies in America. By the 1740’s colony population had skyrocketed, and so had the trade business. “Beginning in the 1740s both countries had merchants engaged in the fur trade with the Native Americans in Ohio.” ( Both England and the French wanted to claim land in the Ohio Valley, which belonged to the Native Americans. In 1754, one man would ignite the spark of war without even knowing it. A young and ambitious soldier named George Washington was ordered to clear out the French in the Pennsylvania wilderness. He discovered the French, and ordered his men to open fire. This would be the first battle in George Washington’s life, and he had started the French

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