The French and Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War One hundred years after Columbus sailed from Spain into the unknown waters of Americas, two very powerful empires were competing for the control of North America. These two powerhouse empires were France and England. The battles between the two empires were known as the French and Indian War. This war began in 1745, was declared in 1756, and ended in 1763. The story of this battle goes back to the early journeys of French and English explorers into the new land and world of North America. England’s first exploration of the new world, North America, happened in 1497 by an explorer named John Cabot. He landed in Canada in present day Newfoundland in hope to find a “northwest passage” though North America to Japan and China for the trade of their tea, spices, and silk. Although he was unsuccessful, he sparked lots of interest in the English that had followed him. One famous settler that he sparked interest in was Captain John Smith. He traveled from present day Virginia up to the tip of Maine and took plenty of notes about what he had seen. Once his people saw his notes, sparked a great call to leave England and start to settle in the New World. By 1634, about 10,000 English immigrants had moved to the New World, which were also known as the New England colonies. France claimed land in the New World in a very different way. Because of its economic decline, the French court was not able to finance broad explorations. Because of this, France was one of the last of European powers to investigate the New World. Another way they were different from the English explorers was that they were not too interested in permanent settlement. Instead, they wanted to exploit all the natural resources that they had found in the new land. The earliest important French exploration of the New World for the French was about 40 years after Cabot’s

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