French Colonization Essay

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La Colonisation De La France: Bienvenue a France! In other words welcome to France. The largest Western Europe country, France is a place known for the landscape, food, fashion and art. Many may not know France has not always been such an amazing country. France has been colonized throughout the ages and underwent many changes. The society and religion of France has had the utmost change through out centuries. France’s society and religion before, during, and after the colonization of the Roman Empire made France what it is today. Before the colonization, in 1200 B.C the Celts, who were later called Gaul’s by the Romans, migrated from the Rhine valley into what is now France. The various Celtics tribes lacked a well –defined central government. They were primarily bound together by common speech, customs, and religion. The social levels of the tribe were threefold. The highest was the king; the second, the druids, consisted of the warrior’s aristocracy; and the third class, the egues was made up of the freemen farmers. The druids were the Celtic priest. They were recruited from families of the warrior’s class but ranked higher. Gaul appeared to enjoy a common way of life. Before Gaul being conquered, they attached a great importance to religious and spiritual life. They worshiped an earth goddess and a number of other deities. They also made a cult of ancestors, whom they worshipped in sanctuaries, where they practical ritual sacrifice of humans and animals. The sanctuaries were perceived as being on the fringe of another world, along with springs wells, and caves, to which the Gauls also attached religious importance. The religious life of the Gauls was in the hands of the druids. The druids of Guals were reputed to hold an Lomax 2 annual convention in a ritual location in the middle of the forest. All of this showed the Guals shared a religious world-view.

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