French Braid Speech Essay

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I Introduction A. Attention Getter: Most of you probably already know how to do a simple three strand braid, but do you know how to French braid? B. Thesis Statement: Today I will show you how to French Braid. C. Summary of Points: First I will talk about preparing the hair, then I will discuss the process of French braiding, and finally I will explain how to secure the braid. D. Transition: To prepare for this hair design, you are going to need some supplies. II Body A. Getting the supplies/ brushing hair/ damp vs. dry hair a. What will need to be gathered for this is a brush to detangle, a styling brush, one to two pony tail holders depending on how many braids you will be completing, a mirror, and some bobby pins to pin away stray hairs. b. To begin preparing whoever’s hair your braiding, start by brushing or combing the hair. c. It doesn’t matter if the hair is dry or wet. But that said, it is easier to braid wet hair because it doesn’t have so many flying pieces. d. To be prepared to tie off the braid, I like to have the hair band on my wrist. Others prefer it to be on the counter near them. d. Transition: I talked about how to prepare to braid the hair, now let’s move on to the process of braiding. B. How many braids do you want to do/ How to start & continue a. For a French braid you start in the center of the section of hair you are braiding. b. The French braid is just a regular braid with a little added step. c. First we have to separate the hair into three pieces (A, B, C) d. Begin the process of braiding the same way someone would begin a regular braid. Only move braid each piece of hair one time into the braid. e. Then as you bring piece B through the braid pull in the first section of hair

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