French Braid Preparation

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to French braid hair? What about finding an alternative to a normal braid? Are you looking for something a little more stylish on those hot and humid days where your hair is stuck to the nape of your neck? A French braid is a stylish alternative for medium length or long hair in keeping cool during those hot and humid summer months. In as little as these 5 easy steps: gather your supplies, brush out the hair, sectioning the hair, braiding/weaving, and polishing, you can create a stylish alternative to the ordinary braid. Before beginning, let's talk a little about the origin and history of the French braid. Although the modifier "French" indicates that this style of hair braiding originated in France, there does not seem to be any actual proof that France is the country of origin. French braids are actually one of the humanity's oldest and most popular hair styling techniques. Having been handed down through years of beautifying hair, French braiding is still a popular style most seen on young girls and teenagers. Preparation is a key in the learning process of French braiding hair. Gathering some supplies and keeping them close at hand will prove to be beneficial in the braiding process. Generally,…show more content…
While holding on to the previously braided locks, start gathering additional locks of hair from each side of the head. Like a traditional braiding pattern, gather small sections of hair, alternating from the left side to the right side of the head, and weave into your original braid. Continue to weave the hair locks down the head to the nape of the neck keeping the hair tight and with equal parts. Once you have reached the nape of the neck, you will want to continue to braiding the remaining hair in the traditional braid style. Once you have come to the end of the hair and are unable to braid anything more, tie off the hair using hair ties, ribbons, or stretch

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