French And Indian War

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FRQ During the time period from 1740 to 1766 many important things happened that affected the relations between Britain and the American colonies. One of the most important events was the French and Indian War which, in many ways, changed those relations. The French and Indian war politically, economically, and ideologically affected the relations the American colonies had with Britain. Economically, the British started to tax the American colonies, which led to the change in political and ideological relations between the Colonies and the British. Economically, the French and Indian war had a major toll in the economy of both the Colonies and Britain which affected the relationship they had. After the French and Indian war, the British…show more content…
For the first few years of American colonization the British fought with the Spanish for the territory, but then the situation changed to fighting over territory with the French. During the early wars between the French and English, the English defeated France and Spain in wars like King William’s War, King George’s War, and Queen Anne’s War. These wars allowed the English colonists to fight independently against the French and the Spanish. The colonists gained confidence in being able to defend themselves by 1754. By the time that the French and Indian war was over, the amount of territory the English owned was substantially large, while the land that the French owned was no more. (Document A) The Treaty of Paris of 1763, which ended the French and Indian War because of the British victory over the French and Spanish, made matters worse between the British and American Colonies. This treaty marked the beginning of an era of British dominance outside of Europe. The treaty also confirmed and showed the separation of territory after the war, the French gave up their Canadian territory to the English and their Louisiana territory to Spain. The political relations between the Spanish and English were not as big of an issue as the political relations between the English and the Indians were. During the French and Indian war, most of the tribes sided with the French because they understood that the French didn’t want to permanently settle like the English did. The relationship the English held with the Iroquois tribe can be seen in the speech given by Canassatego, the Iroquois chief. In his speech Canassatego explains that the reason they disliked the English was because they were taking their land with no cause. (Document B) This speech shows the reason the Native Americans preferred having the French as “neighbors”. After Pontiac, an Ottawa chief, led many attacks
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