French And Indian War Dbq

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Mark Fitzgerald 10-8-10 History Dbq The French and Indian War or 7 year was a crucial war fought between America and the British. Several changes occurred throughout this war such as political changes, economic changes, and ideological relations between the colonies. An intern colonial boundary dispute between the British and French colonies sparked a war that became imperial as well as Indian. The French and Indian war altered political changes by the fight to acquire Indian land. The economic changes altered the war was the severe taxes put on the colonists. The new taxes eventually led to the American Revolution. Ideological changes were altered by how colonists identified themselves with Britain and how this relationship changed. (Intro need most help on) Political changes were influenced on the fight to acquire land. The proclamation of 1763 was created to prohibit settlement beyond the Appalachian Mountains. . It required that all lands within the "Indian territory" occupied by Englishmen were to be abandoned. It included a list of prohibited activities, provided for enforcement of the new laws, and indicted unnamed persons for fraudulent practices in acquiring lands from the Indians in times past. In document B, it states “we knew our lands are not become more valuable, we are not well used with respect to the lands still unsold by us. Your people daily settle on these lands, spoiling on our hunting. We must insist on your removing them, as you know they have no right to settle.” This states that during settlement, colonists were invading the Indian Territory which led to many conflicts such as the Pontiac uprising. The Pontiac uprising was the bloody campaign waged by Ottawa chief Pontiac to drive the British out of the Ohio River valley. The Ohio River valley was a prominent unsettled land that colonists settled in. In
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