French and Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War changed relations between Britain and its American colonies in three ways: political, economic, and ideological. All of these changes led to the British and Americans beginning to separate. This separation was bitter, not like a child leaving the house, but like a child running away from an overbearing parent. The Americans began to see Britain as an enemy instead of the parent. The French and Indian War was the spark that started this monumental change in history. The British completely enialated the French, leaving them in control of the entire eastern coastline, creating an extreme change in North America.In maps of North America before 1754 and after 1763) it shows the increase of English control. With this, Britain had to not only govern the well-being of there own land but also that of the colonies. The British were in an extreme debt. This allowed monarchs to accuse colonists for their loss of revenue. Before the French and Indian war, the colonists taxed themselves within their own townships and local government. However, the British sent their men and money over to defend the colonists, so the British felt it was only right that the colonist be taxed to pay part of the bill. Additionally, the economic issue caused the British people to become resentful of the colonists because they had to pay the price of the war but the colonists did not. The British Parliament passed laws designed to tax the colonists.The Stamp Act(1765) was passed by British Parliment to directly tax the colonies on all printed material from newspapers and wills to marriage liscences and playing cards. This put the colonies through a great distress. In a Newspaper masthead from October 1765) it states times as"Dreadful,Doleful,Dismal,Dollar-Less". This shows the impact on the thoughts of the colonists. It also displays a stamp with a skull and crossbone on it.

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