French and Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War was a battle over land. The French was on one side, supported by the Algonquin Indians. On the other side, there was the British supported by the Iroquois Indians. The French were fur trappers and the British were farmers so they were both fighting for their use on the land. At the Battle of the Wilderness, there was a man by the name of General Edward Braddock, assisted by George Washington, both which were fighting for the British. As for the French side, there was Louis Joseph Montcalm. Later on, after Braddock as killed at the Battle of the Wilderness, General James Wolfe took his place. The French and Indian War was a World War. They fought in many places such as India, Africa, and America. Another place they fought was on the Ohio Valley, the land which they were fighting for. France and England had been fighting for 100 years. The final phase was in North America in Quebec, Canada on the Plains of Abraham. The French and the British both wanted the Ohio Valley. The English were farmers. Therefore, they wanted the land to farm and grow crops. The French were fur trappers. So Instead, they wanted to hunt on that land. The Indians also wanted to keep the land for hunting and trapping. The Battle of the Wilderness was one of the places on the Ohio Valley where the French, Indians, and the British fought, General James Braddock was killed here. The British were defeated at Fort Necessity when George Washington was coming back from Fort Duquesne. The French gave him a surprise and surrounded him. He had to surrender, leaving the French as the victors. The last battle was the Battle of Quebec on the Plains of Abraham in Canada. The British won and go the Ohio Valley as their own. The Battle of the French and Indian War lasted 100 years. The final phase was from 1754-1763. The English were victors and the French were not.

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