French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War The French and Indian War in was an important war in American history which also had an important impact on France, Great Britain, and the Iroquois Leagues. The war lasted a total of nine years long. There were many battles during the nine years. There were many advantages and disadvantages in the French and Indian War. The war played an important role for the British and the French. The British had many more weapons than the French, but their thirteen colonies often fought against one another. Their soldiers were also willing to die for their country. They had 42,000 soldiers fighting for them. They also had the Iroquois Leagues join them. Together, it’s more than 45,000 men for the British. The French, on the other hand, has a well-trained army with a skilled commander who was Marquis de Montcalm. France was also a difficult country to defeat. They had 17, 900 soldiers in the war. They also had 2,200 Native Americans helping them. That is a total number of 20,100 men fighting for the French during the war. The Native American Indians were also involved in the war. The Iroquois Leagues, Huron, Cherokee, Algonquin, Ottawa and other Native American Indians went with either side. Even though most of the Indians joined the French like the Huron, Ottawa, and Algonquin; the Iroquois Leagues and some other Indians joined the British in 1750. However, in 1755, the Iroquois Leagues left the British. Basically, the Indians liked the French better than the British because the French treated the Native American Indians better than the British. There were many major battles fought during the French and Indian War. The French won a major battle at Fort Oswego in 1756. They also won another battle two years later at Fort Carrillon. Than another two years later, the French lost at Quebec, Montreal. They were greatly outnumbered and, with that,

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