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Myles Marshall Pd.7 Freewrite Connection Question: What role does pride play? Is it a crime? Hmmmm. They mentioned “honor” at the beginning. Are honor and pride that different? How? Throughout the movie The Last Samurai, viewers can clearly see that pride play a major role in the lives of the characters. The samurai fought to the death to gain their pride back; all in the name of continuing old traditions. For men, this so called “pride” could be portrayed as how big your manhood is or whether or not you’ll fight someone just because they called you a name. I haven’t really seen prideful actions among women as much, unless of course you want to talk about the woman who killed my cousin, but for readers sake, let’s not. Is violence, death and chaos the way to fill the void created by some irrelevant pest called your enemy? In my opinion I really don’t think it is. Viewers of this movie notice that samurai believe that having someone kill them would allow them to regain their pride. That’s downright crazy. It’s basically 50 shades of cray. Can your pride and honor possibly heal by someone just saying sorry? Could it be that simple? In this day and age, I’m pretty sure it’s not. That one insult or that one violation of tradition would stay in the back of that persons mind until they did something about it. Honor and pride go hand in hand these days. If our honor isn’t restored neither is our pride. They’re basically the same thing. When we look at books like the Great Gatsby and the Old Man and the Sea, one may notice that the main characters have a lot of pride issues. Gatsby flipped out because another character revealed things about his past and Santiago tried to capture a large sword fish, with success but ended up eating the fish, and almost got himself killed doing it. Pride and honor are the hubris of all human beings. Even the Bible reminds us that pride

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