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Freelance Writer Survival Guide 1 Brought to you by - Brought To You By pay/ Freelance Writer Survival Guide Thank you for downloading this free ebook. Inside, you will learn some of the major pitfalls that ever writer would face and how to avoid them. And you will learn some of the best strategies you can use to grow your online writing business and best of all you will discover where to find some of the best & highest paid online writing opportunities on the internet. 2 - Brought To You By pay/ Freelance Writer Survival Guide Tips on Becoming A Freelance Writer So you want to be a writer. Excellent. Writing for pay is an ideal lifestyle for many. However, it’s not the right choice for everyone. Here’s how to know if writing for pay is right for you. 3 #1 Do you enjoy writing? If you answered, “Yes” with a shrug of your shoulders or “sure” then take a minute and pause. When you write for pay you’re going to be writing. All day. Every day. To write for pay and embrace it as your career writing needs to be your passion. You need to actually enjoy the process of writing, and rewriting. If you answered with a “YES!” then you’re good to go! #2 Are you self motivated? Your clients will have deadlines and expectations. If you’re not able to get up each morning, sit down at your computer and write, it’s not going to work. However, if you’re able to tackle your writing projects, write well and deliver them on time then you’re ready to write for pay. Take a look at your habits right now. Are you motivated? Do you approach projects with energy? Or do you procrastinate? #3 Can you manage your time well? Here’s something many people don’t think about. If you get a $1000 project and it takes you fifty

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