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Armenian Golgotha “I am confident that the whole history of the human race contains no such horrible episode as this. The great massacres and persecutions of the past seem almost insignificant when compared with the sufferings of the Armenian race in 1915.” Henry Morgenthau, American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, 1913–1916. Armenians are elderly people who have existed since before the first century. The first Armenian government happened to be located in the central highlands of Lake Van, called Urartu. Since the late 9th century BC, there was lifting and strengthening of Urartu, a cultural phenomenon. This was the basis of the different layers of social structure at the time between slaves and slave owners. The government was losing its power and the outer enemies viewed this as a weakness of the country. They wanted to take complete control over the Armenians and charge them to tasks. Armenian happened to fall in love with freedom and tried their best to protect themselves against their enemies. At the end and beginning of 1st century BC, Rome conquered Minor Asia and threatened Armenia. By the time, the state was under the control of Tigran also known as “Tigran the Great” who created a peace treaty with Rome, therefore; Armenia was announced as the “ally and friend of Rome". However, this did not last long and the struggle for domination of Armenian lands continued. They were only trying to protect their rights. It was the heroic struggle of the people of Rome that convinced the nation that it cannot betray their country. With the formation of the Armenian State, there was a revival within the Armenian culture. People started to learn about new as science. The cultural context flourished with new theater, music, sculpture and architecture. At this time, the Middle East was in combat with Rome and Persia. This lasted until the end of the third

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