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Self-fulfilling prophecies Hook Self-fulfilling prophecies is part and parcel of our human nature, and so whether we like it or not it is always there with us, there is no escape from it. Transition/Orientation Pygmalion was a Cypriot goldsmith who was interested in sculpturing; he carved a woman out of ivory.According to Ovid, after seeing the Propoetides[->0] (Women) prostituting themselves to put it(more accurately, they denied the divinity of Venus and she thus "reduced" them to prostitution), thus he was "not interested in women, but his statue was so fair and realistic that he fell in love with it. In time, Venus' festival day came, and Pygmalion made offerings at the altar of Venus. There, he quietly wished that his ivory sculpture would be changed to a real woman. When he returned home, he kissed his ivory statue and found that its lips felt warm. Thesis I will be discussing how we can control our tendencies to act out our self concept, how we can teach ourselves to overcome our fears, and self doubt preconcived ideas about our actions and behaviors. Preview A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself, due to feedback between belief and behavior.It has both positive and negative manifestations. It could be stronger and as such noticeable or weaker not significant, depending on our perception and the environment (cultural, religious, educational, and economic background). Body Main Idea self fulfilling profecies is always in play in our daily life, and I just have seen a lot in people's life. Some peope claim that they are in a magical spill performing dances and rituals you don't expect them to perform and speaking in langauges they have never ever heard of, demanding a lot of expesive things to get relived from its grip. Some attach meaning

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