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Freedom Writers Reflective Essay The movie “Freedom Writers” was directed by Richard LaGravenese and produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher. It took place in Woodrow Wilson Classical High School located in Eastside, Long Beach, California. The main actors of this film are Hilary Swank as Ms. Erin Gruwell, April Lee Hernandez as Eva Benitez, Mario Barrett as Andre Bryant and Hunter Parish as Ben Daniels. All together, the main themes in the movie “Freedom Writers” revolve around those of segregation, violence and determination. Ms. Erin Gruwell, a new teacher at Woodrow Wilson High school, faces several challenges with the class she is presented with on her first teaching job. She is exposed to a different environment around teenagers who partake in gang groups in order for them to protect their own race and seem to have no interest whatsoever in their education. Ms. Gruwell’s perseverance leads her to try and make a change with these students, even though she is getting no assistance from her colleagues who are convinced that the students are nothing but trouble. In the end, perseverance is what leads both her and the students to success. One of the themes that are portrayed in the film is that of Segregation. At the beginning of the film segregation was one of the most evident themes to come through. As the students entered into Ms. Gruwell’s classroom they all took a accommodated where they would be surrounded by their own race. The Latinos would not mingle with the Cambodians and the Cambodians would not mingle with the Blacks and so forth. Everyone stuck to their own kind whom they had to protect despite any situation that aroused. For instance, after Eva witnessed the murder of a Cambodian by one of her own race, her family and peers pressured her to go against the blacks and protect her own kind by lying at the court session. Also,
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