Freedom Writers Essay

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Film Essay Specifically in these recent years with the changing times, people often criticize and bash school systems regarding their lack of educating students who mostly live in lower social economic areas. Some of these school districts are considering individual social skills and psychological patterns that are related to issues such as academic struggles, social indifferences, and economic status. In the Movie Freedom Writers a group of at risk children struggle not only in school but also in their personal lives outside of school in the intercity. These students deal with social issues such as self-segregation in classrooms, gang issues and poor attendance within the classroom. During the film students report experiences of being abused, seeing their friends die from gang violence, circumstances of poverty and family eviction, all of which present dire challenges to the students within school. Seeing dismal issues unfold like this in front of your eyes can sometimes be challenging making it increasingly difficult to focus on school, let alone focusing on the grand scheme of life such as acquiring career goals or setting personal goals that can be achieved for self-esteem purposes and other self-development goals. Academically, the characters in the film are challenged because of the fact that when they go home at night they do not have a safe and secure place to study and do homework. There is also no one to help with schoolwork or any type of current technology aid such as a computer or laptop. Instead they face and are challenged by gang membership, hunger, family domestic and financial issues. Yet, from an economic and communal standpoint these kids are confronted with the attitude of needing to be perfect in order to be accepted by their community, family and peers, there is great pressure to obtain good grades, fit in at school and for many find

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