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Freedom Writers Freedom Writers The Freedom Writers is movie about inner city kids raised with hard core attitudes and drive-by shootings. Their teacher, Erin Gruewell gives them a voice of their own, even amidst the violence, the racial tension and a school system that could care less what happens to these kids. This is movie about the kids that tell their story, where they came from what they endured and the change that they made and their teacher to overcome all odds. They made a change for the better, for their lives and to change their future and world. This relates to the book in the Role and Style of the OD Practitioner, Diagnostic Process and the Overcoming Resistance to Change. Role and Style of the OD Practitioner In the beginning Mrs. Gruewell is interviewing for the position of 9th & 10th grade teacher. She is warned that this is a rough bunch of kids and it will be tough. Mrs. Gruewell takes the job and looks forward to her first day. She can sense right away the segregation in the class room and very violent tendencies, as a fight broke out the first day. She is torn on how to get to these kids. The next day she tries again, but certain people do not want to sit next to each other and cause problems for everyone. Mrs. Gruewell decides to tell the class to get up and everyone move around to a different seat and this is where you’re going to sit for the rest of the time. Mrs. Gruewell uses the Pathfinder Style which seeks both a high degree of effectiveness and a high degree of member satisfaction, believing that greater effectiveness is possible when all members are involved and problem solving is done through teamwork (Brown, 2011 p. 92). As the days pass she sees that the kids still resist each other and will not cooperate with each other. She decides to have an intervention to show the kids that they are not as different from each other

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