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The Freedom Writers Diary is about a class group in Wilson High school of 150 teens using writing to change themselves and the world around them. The novel is written in dairy form where the teacher Ms. Gruwell and the 150 student freedom writers write about their lives and their background and where they live and what issues they have. The text of this novel is written in first person view where all the students tell us their side of the story and they all write different entries about their lives and what they have been through and what they have to put up with. Most of the students in the novel are from disadvantaged families or they are split families. The gang and territory attitude is a real big problem, many people get killed because of their race or they just walk into the wrong neighbourhood. There is alot of mention of drugs in this book and there is not a mention of drugs in my family and we don’t get associated with drugs and violence. My family and our relatives have never been to jail and we never associate with crime and gangs. The novel is way more different to my clean life style (most of the kids have gone to juvenile hall) there is alot of violence in the Freedom Writers neighbourhoods and alot of people get shot or killed and the gangs are always fighting to gain respect and territory from other races this isn’t like the typical Australian neighbourhood, us Australians are friendly and kind we work in a big community. There are many racial issues in this book, no one gets along that could be a problem and no one will get a proper education because they are too busy with their gangs and not going to school and getting a proper education. Most of the kids in this book have split families and they have no male role model to look up to or their mum has left and they miss getting taught skills by their mum. Most of the people in this novel are

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