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Should people who do not care be forced to care? In elementary school, students are taught the foundations of learning. Later in their academic career, these foundations are revisited and built upon. However, when students do not understand a lesson, their foundations are incomplete. The students of Mrs. Gruwell’s class in the film Freedom Writers were subject to these problems. They were products of ineffective and disconfirming forms of listening. Of her class Andre Bryant and Eva Benitez although different sexes and ethnicities both had similar problems with ineffective and disconfirming listening that stunted their initial intellectual growth. At the beginning of the film Andre was arguably the biggest threat to Mrs. Gruwell’s lesson plans for the class. The reason for this was the multitude of ineffective and disconfirming forms of listening that Andre practiced. One form was pseudo listening this is when someone pretends to listen but they are actually focused on their own thoughts. An example of this was during their first classes. Andre had no respect for Mrs. Gruwell so he pretended to listen when he actually had his brother on his mind. He also used literal listening, which is when you listen to messages on the content level and ignore the messages on the relationship level. In the film Mrs. Gruwell passed out a song written by a rapper named Tupac. Andre as an avid Tupac listener refused to listen to Mrs. G as someone who could never teach him about rap. She however was not trying to do any such thing she simply was showing the poetic styles used by rappers. Andre’s biggest problem however was having too much on his mind to concentrate and learn, this is called Information overload. During the film Andre’s brother had been sentenced to many years in jail. Something that traumatic would devastate most of us, unfortunately this lead Andre to

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