Freedom Writers Essay

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Alex Miller What does Freedom Writers say about education? In the movie Freedom Writers it follows Hilary Swanks’ character “Erin Gruwell” as a new teacher with hopes to bring an equal education to the less privileged. She is hired to Wilson High School, a school that had high achieving scores prior to the government issuing an integration program bringing in “bad” kids from the ghetto. The educators at this school do not look at these students the same, they believe they are just there because they have to and sooner or later they will drop out anyways. Erin tried to be the best teacher she could be by bringing them into her personal life as well, an example of this is when she brought them onto a field trip to the Holocaust Museum on the weekend then after bringing them to a restaurant which she worked at in a hotel. Mrs. Gruwell doesn’t believe that though she tries to continue to help them by making the education relevant to them, it shows this when Mrs. Gruwell tries to get books for her students and they decline to give it to her because they felt that her students would ruin the books and it would be a wasted investment. It is actions like that, that shows how inner city education is not equivalent to the suburbs and personally I believe that it should be. By not showing that they are equal in education and by them hearing that their whole life that they start to actually believe it and not to care about school because they have been hearing that their whole life. I can relate to this because my Aunt teaches at Corliss High School in the West side of Chicago and the education level is much less than it should be, that causes some of the staff to not take the students as seriously because they think of them as delinquents that do not want to learn. This movie does show that there are still people who are passionate about their career and still love
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